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Oh Orihime
Orihimi ahhhhh she's so cute, how can you not love her bubbly attitude. She was the perfect girl in Bleach.
And the way she shined both in the anime and the manga. She truly was as brilliant as the star she was named after. (yes I looked it up cuz my Japanese folklore is not yet at the level) Her name literally means "weaver princess" which is appropriate considering how she wove some serious love ties for Ichigo. Not to mention fellow otakus lololol
And then this happened. They could've augmented her powers, had her spiritual powers grow, developed her character a bit more. . . nope that all went to her boobs.
Some may like it, but I for one dont. I want the original Orihime-chan back. Regardless of how happy Kon might be lol
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@Thatperson512 this cards for you buddy hehe
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Haha this is great!
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Omg this so true orihime is awesome
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you don't want to make Kon happy? Have you SEEN his new body?
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