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Got7 in a drama is a dream come true and this drama does not disappoint!

What It's About

The drama is a story of a young girl suffering from the scars of her past until a mysterious group of boys suddenly appear in her life.
Got7 appear as dark knights (Bambam, Yugyeom, Jr) and light knights (Jackson, JB, Youngjae, Mark).
Dream Knight has a lot of love (with a love triangle that killed me so bad) and a bond of friendship that made me cry so hard for days. The drama in it is so heart wrenching too. I...I died...emotionally.

My Reaction

You have no idea how much I cried -and how embarrassed I was.
Let me paint the scene for you:
I was in my first period class: Art. I always watch my dramas during class because the school wifi let's me watch my shows and the teachers never care because I still get my work done.
So I was in the middle of class and the ending happened. If you watched it, you know what part I'm talking about, but if you haven't, I'm gonna keep it vague.
It's this part when she takes *cough cough*'s hand after she fell and I screamed so loud because I was so excited and happy. I literally was crying and my friend at the table was watching it on my phone across from me, so she was all "Yay!!!" She just didn't scream at the octave I did.
I hit a note Mariah Carey hasn't even discovered.
Everyone turned around and stared at me while I uttered the most awkward apology.
The teacher asked me what was wrong and that's when the embarrassment really hit...
He still lets me watch them though...I think he just likes to see me die of feels explosions...
Or that it inspires my art...either way, I still get to watch my shows so no complaints here!
I wasn't right for days though. I emotionally and mentally was not okay...

Recommend or Nahhhhhh

I sooooooo recommend this drama. It's short, but so damn worth it!
It made me put life in perspective actually. I started to worry less about what's happening in the future and live more for now.
It's also insanely funny! I laughed so hard!
At first, you're kind of like where is this going....
But the drama element hits you hard soon!
There needs to be a season 2!
If you've watched the drama, who is your favorite character and why?
If you haven't watched the drama, go watch it and then come back and leave your opinion in the comments!
"I hit a note Mariah Carey hasn't even discovered." LMAO I NEED TO WATCH THIS DRAMA I AM DYING HAHAHAHHAHAH
@sugakookie oh awesome I use dramafever! i'll look it up^^
@kpopandkimchi haha You do!!! Its so good!!! I use the app Dramafever! It let's you watch Korean shows for free with subtitles! Its a lifesaver
I feel ashamed because im on spring break and I watched the whole drama in one night... I finished watching it at around three thirty am and I was a total mess but it's so worth it