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I'm inviting none other than Nyanta from Log Horizon!
He is extremely polite, great manners, can only get beat by I believe two other charicters on the server in a one on one battle (which is quite impressive) and the best thing of all... One of the best cooks ever. haha
Selfish to invite someone over for dinner and expect them to work you say?? Well... maybe it is. haha, But I personally can't cook my way out of a paper bag.
And it just so happens that this level 90 swashbuckling werecat has a maxed cooking level also, and he is a great teacher as well. So not only does he enjoy cooking for others, I could learn at the same time and then we would have an amazing dinner to sit down to after a few hours. Sounds like a good time to me as long as he doesn't try to make me use that damned newlyweds apron... -_- @VinMcCarthy
nyanta-sensei!!! XD
awesome! maybe it's a little selfish but im sure he'd be happy to teach