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Attention, dog owners, dog lovers, and the rest of you following the Funny Community's Funny Dog Show!

You still have 5 MORE DAYS to submit your dog into this week's dog show! We currently have FOUR DOGS in the running to be the 2016 Funny Community Canine Ambassador, but they need YOUR VOTES by Sunday at midnight EST to win!

Let's show them some love, shall we?

Contestant #1: Starla

Nickname: Staru
Breed: Shepherd/Husky Mix
Likes: Eggs, bacon, waffles, sleep
Dislikes: Being denied human food

You can vote for her by hitting 'Like' on either of these cards:

Contestant #2: Etta

Nickname: Etta Spagetta
Breed: Jack Russell/Rat Terrier Mix
Likes: Spaghetti, giving kisses, eating hot dogs before bed
Dislikes: When her owner loves up on another dog

You can vote for her by hitting 'Like' on either of these cards:

Contestant #3: Haley

Nickname: Haley Girl
Breed: Black Lab Mix
Likes: Walks, her cat siblings, wearing a towel like a hat like they do in K-dramas
Dislikes: When her owner puts her in a sweater

You can vote for her by hitting 'Like' on either of these cards:

Contestant #4: Chunky

Nickname: Chip E. Chunk
Breed: (@me3mae, what kind of breed is he?)
Likes: Retrieving ten-foot tree branches, hunting for deer (without actually HUNTING deer)
Dislikes: Being used as the new family kitten's cat toy

You can vote for him by hitting 'Like' on either of these cards:

There is still time to enter your dog into the Vingle Funny Dog Show!

All you have to do is create a card with [Funny Dog Show] in the title, complete with a picture of your dog, and a fun description of your dog's personality!

May the funniest dog win!

Omg do a cat contest next so I find more drunk looking pictures of my cat Katherine lol who I actually named after my mom. My cat is the totally opposite and my is not happy that we named the cat Katherine and I told her the last one was Doctor girlfriend then I got o_O look 馃槀馃槀
@RaquelArredondo @LAVONYORK I will do a cat one soon!! :D Maybe in a few weeks.
Starla all the way!
@RaquelArredondo I know that feel. :'( I'm super attached to my dog.
@danidee Haha yeah but I can't abandon them nor take them to an animal shelter...my heart would hurt T^T
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