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I think it's pretty good so far, I'm on episode 6 so no extreme spoilers from beyond that point. My favorite character.... is probally Mimori Togo, I mean, she's a disabled WARRIOR, that's pretty badass to me. My least favoritw character... don't have one, they're all good characters! Storyline in general was quite unique, not as unique as others I've seen but still good, I find it intersting that alot of the characters live alone even though they are middle-schoolers, I'm one and could not imagine that (actually I could and that would be fun for like, a week.) Well that's some of what I think of this anime I found on Netflix so far. Tell me what you think of it! Likes, dislikes, anything!
I just started this one too, and I really like it as well. I started it, thinking it would be like Madoka Magica, but it has better planning behind it, and it's funnier. The animation is better too.
@AmeliaMorgan I felt it was slow too
I love it!!!! :) I did the exact same thing @MissAguria. they're both really awesome. I feel like this one had a more planned story line, the other one seemed to be random events in order. I felt the first episode was a little slow though. ^-^