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"Merry Christmas" Word Play With Crayon Pop!

Crayon Pop did something pretty interesting with the title of their Christmas song:

꾸리꾸리하다 (kkeu-ri-kkeu-ri-ha-da) means lonely or depressing
Usually you spell Christmas "크리스마스" but they spelled it "꾸리스마스" which makes it sound like "Depressing Christmas"

I see what you did there Crayon Pop!

I hope with this song, you won't have a depressing Christmas :D

Happy holidays everyone!

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메리 크리스마스 여러분!!! 🎄🌟
2 years ago·Reply
Sadly this year that's my Christmas. All alone beside 3 dogs that keep following me 😭😭😂😂😰😰
2 years ago·Reply
@AyannaWelch hey I would LOVE to be surrounded by dogs on Christmas hahaha
2 years ago·Reply
They follow me around every day and it seem that everyday I wake up at 4 in the morning to find 3 dogs squeezed into my twin sized bed. 😔😔😔😀😀😀😀
2 years ago·Reply
Merry Christmas to all my vinglers chinggus all over the world.
2 years ago·Reply