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I FINALLY ordered the wigs for my cosplays that I talked about months ago, and as /soon/ as I ordered them, I started to regret it!
Can you guys let me know what you think of the wigs I ordered? I really need some reassurance!!

This is for Nozomi's Fairytale outfit!

I'll need to get a crown & flowers that I like (I want to see what the ones my cosplay comes with looks like first), but I'm thinking about just making those on my own if I don't like them!

And this is for her standard look & a few other outfits she has!

So?? What do you think?

Help cosplay friends I'm really nervous & want to cancel my order already!!!
@Danse @tayhar18920 @BrittneyCasteel OK THANK YOU GUYS!!! Lol iw as really panicking XD I bought them straight from taobao too so they were so cheap!!! Only $10 for the second one and $18 for the first!!!
Why cancel? They look fine to me. o.O I think it'll work out wonderfully.
@BrittneyCasteel Love Live! Some from the anime, some from the related game School Idol Festival ^^
@hikaymm thanks I'll definitely read it!
@tayhar18920 I think i'mma write up a review of my experience bc it's been so good so far and so cheap haha.
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