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Good morning, everybody! It's Thursday, and this is today's Rick & Morty Fan Club card!

We've been doing a lot of discussion cards lately, but this time around, I want to switch things up with a little game. After two seasons, we've learned a lot about the Smith family, but how about we learn a little bit more about ourselves?

Which member of Rick and Morty's family do you think you are? Answer the questions in the quiz below, and see where you stand!

A) Neapolitan

B) Vanilla

C) Coffee

D) Butthole

E) "I'm walkin' over here!"

F) Strawberry

G) Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia

A) I'm always down for an adventure.

B) Saturday is a great day for mowing the lawn!

C) I don't care, so long as there's wine.

D) I'm usually hanging out with my friends.

E) "I'm walkin' over here!"

F) I love going to the mall!

G) You couldn't possibly comprehend.

A) Tom Hanks.

B) Tom Cruise.

C) Tom Jones.

D) Tom Arnold.

E) "I'm walkin' over here!"

F) Tom Brady.

G) Tom Selleck.

A) Halloween.

B) Christmas Eve?

C) Easter.

D) Thanksgiving.

E) "I'm walkin' over here!"

F) My birthday.

G) Blumbus.

A) Only if it's Jessica.

B) Of course, sometimes it even happens at first sight.

C) Hm, that's arguable.

D) Not only romantic love, but the love of great friends!

E) "I told ya. I'm walkin' over here!"

F) Not if it's anything like my parents' marriage.

G) Love is just a chemical reaction that compels animals to breed. Boom. Science.

Mostly A's

Your personality falls somewhere between what you would expect from someone who is Jerry's son (LAME!) and Rick's grandson (arguably, uh, not that great of an influence). You've seen some shit and your mood swings are out of control, but you've always found a way to retain your innocence. (You've murdered HOW many times by the end of Season 2?)
Notable Quote:

"Nobody exists on purpose. Nobody belongs anywhere. Everybody's going to die. Come watch TV."

Mostly B's

No, no, this isn't a prank. You really actually got Jerry. I wasn't really sure how to tell you this. But don't worry. I hear that there are some renowned doctors overseas working diligently to find a cure to save your irritatingly dull personality. Just, uh, keep looking forward to the future, I guess.
Notable Quote:

"If I've learned one thing, it's that before you get anywhere in life, you gotta stop listening to yourself."

Mostly C's

You're vastly intelligent and extremely loyal, which explains why - despite actually knowing better - you're somehow still devoted to the dad who abandoned you for 20 years and your constant letdown of a husband. Ugh, Jerry. But, look on the bright side. I mean, look how many horses you've saved, am I right?
Notable Quote:

"He's not a hot girl. He can't just bail on his life and set up shop in someone else's."

Mostly D's

You're always extremely optimistic and dependable, and we can always rely on you to keep the mood up. We know you're not an actual member of the family, but we can't picture our lives without you! (Except for maybe Beth. Beth is the worst.)
Notable Quote:

"Whatever you want, Rick, we're here to help!"

Mostly E's

With your thick Brooklyn accent, rolled up sleeves, and ample chest hair, you're the epitome of brawn. You've got confidence for days, and you're in all of our favorite memories -- BUT ARE YOU EVEN REAL?
Notable Quote:

"Back in Brooklyn, we got a sayin' - 'We're walkin' here!'"

Mostly F's

You have a great sense of morality, and according to Little Rick, you're a huge nerd for it, but you can still be a lot of fun when you want to be. However, most of the time, you can't stop being like a total vibe ruiner and stuff. That's you, Summer. That's how you talk.
Notable Quote:

"And if you think my top is cute, you cannot execute."

Mostly G's

Congratulations. You're a genius. On one side, it means your life is awesome. You get to travel space, get it on with some fine alien species, and create your own miniverses just to power your own car. On the other side, you're also extremely aware of how surrounded by morons you are. But hey, that's what alcohol's for, right?
Notable Quote:

"Little tip, Morty. Never clean DNA vials with your spit."

@ButterflyBlu Beth is kind of a badass. I would be honored to be Beth. I think if I took this test, I'd probably get Morty.
LMAO. BETH. Why am I not surprised?! <3
@mackenzieorr186 Bahaha, and they all pointed to Jerry.
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