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These Two Guys Are My Absolute Favorites!! I Cant Even Choose Between Them, But Gray Fullbuster From Fairy Tail & Sasuke Uchiha From Naruto! Comment Which One! xD
Grey wins due to demonl slayer magic and the fact that sasuke is the moodiest little bitch...... he decides to kill his brother and after he learns why his broth did what he did sasuke thinks of I'm going to avenge my brother by destroying everything he died for!!! oh then he changes his mind because a dead person told him a story and now he wants to become hokage but guess what? he doesn't try to you know...... APOLOGIZE TO EVERYONE!!!!! I swear when someone says they have a crush on sasuke I think of every women that "loves a man" he beats her and rapes her.....
sorry guys but im going with sasuke because he has the susano and amateratsu plus the sharingan so grey would probably go down even with his devil slayer magic , and its not because i like him more actually i really hate both of them
Gray now that he has his devil slayer magic
okok, let me just say SASUKE! Gray IS a strong mage and all but he uses ice. Sasuke uses fire-style jutsu Ice vs Fire Who wins? Sasuke duh! Plus has the sharingan, rinnegan amateratsu, and susano
I haven't seen Naruto but because I like Gray, I choose him cx
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