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Warning: this might be a bit long... and sorry this kinda took forever.
1. I'm Mexican-American but a lot of times I get told that I look Asian. So people think that I'm half-Asian half something else. And yes I know both Spanish and English. I'm trying to teach myself Korean.
2. Like I've said before I love Love LOVE anime, Kdramas, manga and Kpop. I just can't help it. But I'm musically diverse so I'll listen to anything really. I like what I like. I have no boundaries.
3. I'm more biased towards EXO and BTS. But there are plenty of other groups I love as well. It's just those two make me feel some type of way 😍❀. For example I also love Topp Dogg, Lunafly, Jay Park, Loco, Crush, Monsta X, Hotshot, Madtown, Got7, Soyou, SNSD, Girl's Day, 4minute, 2ne1, Big Bang and others. I just named a few... I can't really think right now.
4. At first I might be shy and not that talkative but once you get to know me I'm a pretty hyper, weird, random and loud person once you get to know me. (I'm sad because I can't put up Snapchat videos so you could see 😞)
5. I love make up! (Especially lipsticks!) But I don't really wear it much I usually just wear mascara, eyeliner and lipstick. But I like to mess around with make up.(picture 4 has probably grown in size I need to take an updated picture)
6. I love to dance! And I love to sing! I'm not as confident in my singing...although I was in chorus through out my high school years. I also love to draw! I can't really draw realistic like people's faces and stuff but I like to draw anime characters. But I'm not that confident in them either.
7. I can be super lazy. And I love to sleep! Also I'm pretty forgetful... πŸ˜…
8. I love photography and nature! My phone is full of pictures and videos.
9. I want to travel the world! If not I want to at least visit South Korea Japan.
10. I love horror movies so much but I'm still a scaredy cat and can't watch them alone at night. I also love romance, comedy, sci-fi, fantasy supernatural genres too.
This is harder than I thought...
11. I'm such a hopeless romantic! When I watch Kdramas or animes that are romantic it's guaranteed that I'll cry at one point. Like for example with Blue Spring Ride and Kimi Ni Todoke, then again maybe it's also because I'm very emotional lol.
12. Do Kyungsoo is my main bias! He's bae! *feels πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ’”β€πŸ˜β€πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­* Baby Don't Cry is my ultimate favorite number one sing it makes me cry be happy it's just a rollercoaster of emotions for me. I'd be Suho.
13. I love cats and dogs but I don't have any. Well I love animals in general. These are some of my family in Mexico's pets.
14. I honestly feel like I don't change. I look the same when I was a baby until now!! πŸ˜–πŸ˜–
15. My real eye color is indeed brown.
16. I have one brother. I'm older than him by two years. 17. Most people don't think I'm the age I am (currently 20 will be 21 in January). They usually think I'm in between 15-18. 18. I wish I had super powers but that's never going to happen... πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘ 19. I'm easily amused and my attention span isn't that great. But when I put my mind to it I'll do it! 20. Last but not least I love meeting new people getting to know them. I'm a pretty friendly person and I think I'm ready to get along with.
Thank you for taking your time to wanting to know about me 😁. Wow this took so long to make 😱😨 but I still enjoyed it. It's 3:26 am!! Anyways thank toy to those who posted on the original card. @jiyongixoxo @thepinkPrincess @ash2424701 @KellyOConner @Kieuseru @grij809 @NikolasSatterwh @Stevieq @Helixx @TerratoyaSi @LaquandaHope @MadAndrea @DenieceSuit @nenegrint14 and just gonna tag a few more people 😁 hope you don't mind. @danidee @peytoncarter2 @PrettieeEmm @QueenLee @nicolejb @Luci546 @bambamisbae @mirandazamira I don't really remember any others right now sorry. 😞
OMG. You are me! I am you! We are one! I read this and I was like 'same the entire time' except for the drawing πŸ˜‚ I can't draw at all.
@Ash2424701 yeah I will 😁😁 @PrettieeEmm idk maybe. Yeah sometimes I wanna know why they think that lol. Some Asian people have also thought I was Asian. Like there have been times where I've gone to Chinatown and the people there start talking to me in I'm not sure if it's (Cantonese or Mandarin). And I'm just lost.. Like I'm sorry I don't know what you're saying 😭
Yay! Thanks for the tag!! I'm also a singer, and was in an a cappella group in college. hehe. @ButterflyBlu, I found you a danger friend!!
@ButterflyBlu hello nice to meet you too. 😁😁 OMG YAS! I'm managing but I feel like I'm about to explode. These boys are pulling my heart stings do bad! I'm with you. I think ima need to meditate or something lol. Nice to meet you too 😊 @grij809 oh really? O.o lol well I would like to know anything you would feel comfortable with sharing 😁😊
wow nice! thanks for tagging id love to see more of your art too
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