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Thanks to @danidee for another, well timed challenge. See her original card here.
Here's the drill:
1) Answer the questions with pictures. It can be gifs, but if gifs don't work on your phone/computer, then funny memes and photos work just as well!
2) Put Thanksgiving GIF Challenge in the title in some shape or form (and make sure to put it in the Funny community - cough, cough.)
3) Tag 5 of your friends to spread the Thanksgiving love.
And we Begin:

Question #1:

What is your all-time favorite Thanksgiving food?

ALL OF IT. <3 My mom makes this dish called Green Rice. UGH! SO GOOD.

Question #2:

How do you feel about Black Friday?

Question #3:

How do you feel about hanging out with all your relatives?

Exactly like this. I LOVE my family, more than anything... but they exhaust the heck out of me sometimes.

Question #4:

What will you be doing the morning after?

Sleep LATE. Then, who knows what the day shall bring?!
Spoiler: Probably hang with those I love indulging in anime, games, football, and oh yeah, More Food!!

Question #5:

When you think of Thanksgiving, you think of _____?

That Macy's Parade! <3 and The Fs: Family, friends, food, and football.
Of course there's also this...

HAPPY THANKSGIVING, Everyone!! <3 <3 <3

Lmao, I also just noticed that main picture says THANKSGIFING. AH PUNS.
@ButterflyBlu My eating pants are a nice pair of comfy adidas sweats. They're soft as hell from being washed so much and they're nice and loose on the hips so my stomach has plenty of room to ...uh, expand. LMAO
@danidee hahahaha!! You know it totally is. 馃槀馃槀馃挏 I love how the cat in the back turns and looks at the other one like, "ohhhhh shit." That's totally what happens, too. @Danse I totally Don't do sweatpants, though... Lol. Dani's Thanksgiving info-graphs made me think of that. ;P
LMAO THAT 'OH HELL NO' GIF IS MY NEW FAVORITE. I feel like that's your spirit animal, Stacey.
@danidee you're welcome!! <3 @Danse oh I totally understand. I always go with yoga pants or leggings with a long, comfy sweater. ^.^
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