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I would marry almost all female anime characters. Real choice though? Nami, Boa Hancock, Erza, Hinata, Orihime, Miyazono Kaori. Those are my tops without going into huge detail.
Breaks my heart. Literally!!! 💔
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@TiffanyWallace I remember u said you were writing and had a ton of pages. I'd love to check it once your finished. And yeah rurouni is great, love his reverse blade and intent to never kill again. There are so many anime I'm watching, currently watching over 25 different anime that are either weekly releases or binge watching. But def will have to give you some more to watch when u get time. I'm sure your still busy with the daycare stuff I believe u said u were doing. Sorry if I'm wrong I know it's somethin like that haha. I got a break from school finally so I'm about to go crazy on anime and manga binging. Just gotta save my $ tho :( haha otaku probs lol.
Lol. Yeah. Daycare and school.
Uchiha Sasuke xD
momo deviluke or hinata