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Now I know I haven't done this in a while but let's just pretend I was waiting to give Jay special treatment and not like I got too much school work on my plate. But anyways who loves this song and who doesn't? Personally I'm hanging on the fence I don't know if I love it or not. It feels like a yes for me. The song is fire. The track is fire. The beat is fire. The lyrics are fire. Jay is amazing. The mv was another step of amazing. Like how he thought all that zooming in and out was healthy for any one. But in all honesty what do you guys think of this song and Jay's constant outflow of amazing tracks? Like boy it's still only November....are we getting December tracks too? Lol sidetrack much but I'm not the only one wishing Jay would sing 'All I want for Christmas is you' right. With Elo and Gray and my baby Loco and have ChaCha on the track. Maybe even Simon D can bless is with his sexy Busan voice.....(sorry about the deep sidetrack I got a bit off topic)
Definite yes for me. I personally love My and was pleasantly surprised to find it at the end of this video/song. As for In This B*tch, it's something I'd listen to for sure. And yass Jay is spitting out tracks like it ain't nothing ❤️😍
I love the song not so much the video. I love jay and his lyrics are fire. I second that Christmas collab. 😉