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As I mentioned a few weeks back, my son's birthday is November 20. This year, he turned 8. I always let him pick the theme and then I make it happen. This year, the world revolves around Pokemon. (He's just gotten into Naruto. Keep your fingers crossed for next year!)
I promised to share pics, so here ya go! (Sorry for the quality of some of the pictures. I didn't take them all.)
**I tried to only post pics of kids that belong to my family or whose parents have told me it's ok to post them here. I am not big on posting pics of other people's children on social media without permission. I wish more people worked this way, but that's another subject for another day. :)
The Night of his Birthday
My little guy's birthday was on a Friday. We were having his party the next day on Saturday, However, we always do something as a family on the night of someone's birthday. The family tradition is to let the birthday person pick the dinner of his choice (ANYthing) and then we have some sort of dessert - also of their choice. He chose his favorite: Chicken strips and fries, followed by Oreo Cupcakes. He and I made the cupcakes earlier in the day. ^.^ So YUMMY! (I should post the recipe.)
Set Up and Food
Here we are the day of the party! Levi helped mommy's bf name all of our junk food snacks. While they made signs for the snacks, Mommy worked on cake. Yes, it looks like a mess in this current state!! I forgot to take a picture after I carved it. You'll have to wait until the the end result. lol We also ordered pizza about 10 minutes before party time.
Friends and Games
The kids played Pokemon Bingo, made a poster for Levi's room, played Pin the Tail on Pikachu, and made some Pokeball and Staryu Christmas ornaments. They also played The Pokemon Trading Card Game... at which point most of the girls ran off to the game systems or to play with the dogs. (I almost cried for their futures. Learn card games, girls!! lol)
He was such an excited little guy. I am so proud of how thankful and easy to please my son is, y'all. He's my little man... And he really loved that Eevee!!
DUDE. Do you see the miniatures??? A family friend got those for the little guy and I thought he was going to explode with happiness and excitement!!!!
Cake, yo!
Yeah, the ball is a little wobbly. It settled a little wonky! :( I was so annoyed, but no one else seemed to notice. (I'm a perfectionist. My cross to carry. lol) The kids were all delighted in it, even the ones who had no idea what it was! HAHA!
After all was said and done, we were all exhausted and ready for bed! I look like I'm ready to pass out here... because I was!!
He really, really loves that Eevee. <3 <3 <3
Well, that's all for now. Thanks for checking it out!! *blows kiss*
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No doubt! You have got a cool kid and you are one cool momma!
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@butterflyblu mom of the year award! He looks so happy that he got his Pokémon party 🎉! Pika chuuuuuuuu lol
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@paulisaghost lol thanks! I can totally make you one! :P @RosePark you know I will!! <3 He really was!! He usually is. Lol @nicolejb @LAVONYORK @danidee Thank you All!! I can only try! If he's happy, I'm happy, you know? <3 <3 @AimeeH OMG thank you!!! I'm going to write a parenting book for Dani's future kiddos. I'll send you a copy! ;) UGH. Isn't it envy-inducing?! I love his hair. He's never, ever cut it and doesn't want to. As long as he keeps it under control and doesn't turn into a wild child, I told him he can keep it. I wish I had that kind of patience with my own hair!!! <3
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