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The one writer of even more hits than the Hong Sisters. Kim Eun-sook also has fast dialogue and witty banter, but with her work it seems like the humor comes out of the situation, out of the relationships and realities of people. Not to mention there is something about the couples that she builds which just reaches out to my heart and gives it a good yank. I am really looking forward to checking out the rest of her stories to see if my theory holds. Working with her long term producer Sin Woo-cheol, Kim Eun-sook has created drama after drama which are not only huge hits, but some of the most classic and current must see Kdramas. This of course lures in some of the best and most well known actors of both drama and film. And great writing deserves great acting. She is a writer who allows the actors to experiment and help fill out their characters. Which is pretty smart as this helps actors become more connected with the people they are portraying, and in turn helps us the viewer become connected as well. Apparently she's had the writing bug from when she was quite young: "I didn't have money to buy books so I used to daydream or write children's poems. The encouragement I got from my teacher, who instead of punishing me, motivated me to become a writer". While there has been a lot of talk lately about the negative effects of the current way of filming Kdrama's (writing and filming as the show is broadcasting rather than relying on pre-production) Kim Eun-sook is one of the ones who sees the necessity of viewer feedback to keeping a drama current. "Trends change from time to time. Would we be able to keep up with it with pre-production? I do think we need it but not in my case". (Which totally makes me think of the drama Assorted Gems, where the heroine, a drama writer, says almost the same thing!) Here is the funniest stories I've found regarding Kim Eun-sook, seriously, for some reason it just tickles me: Apparently her shows are known for being touchy-feely--and kissy. (Yay, for us!) So for A Gentleman's Dignity, a story she planned to write especially 'raunchy', she wanted to cast the crazy famous Jang Dong-gun who hadn't done a drama in 12 years. Since his wife thought there were too many kissing scenes in her drama's he turned the project down. So Kim lied and told him there wasn't any kissing. Heh. As soon as he agreed, she started filling the show up with that kissing. (Again, yay for us!) Stats: Name: κΉ€μ€μˆ™ / Kim Eun Sook (Kim Eun Suk) Profession: Screenwriter/Director Birthdate: 1973 Filmography: Movies: Ice Rain 2003 (which she also directed) A Millionaire's First Love 2006 Fly High 2006 Once in a Summer 2006 Lovers of 6 years (she adapted this story) Dramas: Lovers in Paris 2004 Lovers in Prague 2005 Lovers 2006 On Air 2008 The City Hall 2009 Secret Garden 2010 A Gentleman's Dignity 2012 Awards: 41st Baeksang Arts Awards: Best Drama Award for Lovers in Paris (2005) 6th Seoul International Drama Awards: Best Drama Writer for Secret Garden (2011) 47th Paeksang Arts Awards: Best Screenplay for Secret Garden (2011) Credit; crazyforkdrama
Gr8! more kissing scenes for MinHo! :)
for my dream i used to want to be as a writer and director too. even i'm not yet read the whole definition, but i realy pround to her , coz for me can only a writer poem :/ :)
According to the writer 's habit , we can see many kissing scenes with Min Ho ~πŸ˜πŸ’–πŸ˜‹πŸ’–