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We all know that breaking up is hard to do.

But it doesn't have to be? Because of technology, you can now hire someone to break up with your soon to be ex via phone call. When it comes to breaking up with someone, trying to find the words to say can sometimes be rather challenging. That's where ' the breakup shop' comes into play. will now help you end your relationship for a small fee. It sounds crazy, I know -- but this new tactic might be beneficial for those who just can't seem to get away or out of a relationship that just isn't serving them in the right way. That goes back to saying that relationships aren't meant to be rushed into. Often times when you rush, you're quickly ready to escape.
This website should not be used to end a relationship that has lasted longer than six months, I don't think it would be the proper way to go about things. The website offers both standard and customized breakups. Meaning you can come up with your own spiel or have them lay it on them nicely. Either way, you will never have to go through the awkwardness or embarrassment of ending another relationship again. According to Wendy Williams, she said, "You block that person's number and never have to hear from them again. i think it's brilliant." You can check out the breakup options [here] and hopefully, things will end on a good note.
people are really becoming lazy:(
@InPlainSight something you might be interested in....
Wow...people these days.....smh
Yeah, it's pretty sad @mchlyang & @drea4u