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Wuts Uuuppp! This is the second part of the pictures I found. Today we will be looking at the Ravenclaw House. Don't know what else to say........... Remember these are just my opinion. Tell me what you think. Enjoy
First Kris Okay, yes kris is known for being EXO's "Picasso", but i just don't think of him as being in ravenclaw. Yes, he is creative but i just don't think he would be I'm ravenclaw. I think he would most likely be in Gryffindor.
Next D. O. I honestly thought D.O. would be I'm slytherin but ravenclaw works too because he is very smart and clever. He is actually very creative when I think about it.
Lastly Chen I think he shouldn't be in ravenclaw. He should be in Hufflepuff. I mean he's apart of the beagle line. He's playful and charming. Yes, he is smart and creative but i think a bigger part of his personality shows his playfulness and his hufflepuffeness........ I don't think that was a word but I'm just gonna go with it.
That's the end of part 2! Tell me what you think. Do you agree? Do you disagree? Let me know. I won't judge. Bye!!!
I might put Kyungsoo in Slytherin on some days hahahaahha
@kpopandkimchi I would too :)