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So I'm not a huge person on sharing and being open about things but this is the negativity I've been talking about in review to my pictures. I use Photoshop to get my pictures done. How I get them done is I use this program in it that deletes the picture but keeps the outline. No I don't smudge the picture. I actually take my time and I just wanna break down and ugh I have no support. I'm sorry to be laying my problems on you guys I just need to vent.
Your skills are just too great for those idiots minds to comprehend. Them saying it looks like photo means that you did and friggan fantastic job. Don't let it bother you too much. *hugs*
Ugh screw the haters. There are people that go through the internet looking for ways to ruin people's day. They aren't worth your time at all!
@TerraToyaSi thank you a lot. It's just hard because all of the negative comments. But a least I have supporters.