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If someone were to ask you what the definition of evil was, you may respond with a number of different answers. For instance, you may use synonyms like cruel, heinous, atrocious, vile, or depraved. You may present a particular scenario, like a crime or social catastrophe, that engenders a dark or perverse human action. Or you may simply name a person who, either currently or in the past, has done something so unimaginable you believe that they encompass the quintessence of the word evil by themselves. Given all of these options, I ask you: can society agree on what makes a person's actions evil?
A research study known as The Depravity Standard has been underway for the past several years that seeks to extract the public's opinion on what makes a crime particularly heinous, inhumane, or all around bad. The online survey, a 25 item questionnaire, wants to know what the PUBLIC (that means you) thinks makes a crime the worst of the worst. I highly recommend that EVERYONE take the survey and become a voice of our justice system. The great thing about this tool is that it is EVIDENCE-BASED and blind to RACE, GENDER, RELIGION, SOCIOECONOMIC STATUS, and EDUCATION. I think it is time for a fairer justice system to be put into place. Don't you?
The survey takes roughly 15-20 min to complete and will really get you thinking about concepts you have probably never considered before when weighing the evil of a crime. A little time and a little thought can go a long way into changing our world. Become part of it.
Take the survey here to change the future of justice.
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