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Kookie day!! (Day 3 of BTS week....*already did a Noona November for this guy.:))
Let's start of with Kookie is just so freaking adorable/sexy. He is my Bias of the group and my Ultimate Bias...it makes sense since he is the Golden Maknae.
His smile is so contagious. If I could I'd stare at him all day lol.
Just like the other members he knows how to go from cute to sexy in a second.
Kookie has destroyed my life..... in a good way. lol Also kookie crying makes me sad.
His voice is just to much for me!!!!!
Darn that's all I can post.... oh well I did 100 photos totally on this guy already just on 2 cards. lol
I can't wait for there comeback its getting closer!!!! I'm going to die when the MV for Run is released. Thankfully I won't be at work when it happens!!!!! @kpopandkimchi @Tigerlily84 @AimeeH @AbbyHudson @kpoplover1995
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