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GOOD MORNING! I'm in class right now I'm not doing anything so I shall deliver to you guys Pt 4 Jackson Wang PT 1: Jackson Wang PT 2: Jackson Wang PT 3: (THIRD PERSON POV) "Guys, it's been more than five days and Mark isn't back yet. Am I the only one that is worried?" Youngjae says while stretching before practice. "Look if he wants to skip practice and not deal with the group let him. He might as well just leave the group if he's going to be acting like this." Jackson says while tying his shoes. "Well if you didn't go all Holly Holmes on him he wouldn't have left." Junior murmurs. "SORRY for not being gentle when he didn't tell me a important thing that has to deal with my future." Jackson shoots back. "Guys this isn't the time to be arguing; we have to practice." JB makes his point as the leader. "You didn't even care before." Junior whispers to himself. "YA! I don't want to hear it!" JB says and walks over to the stereo to get the song ready. "Bam, where are you going?" "I just need to get some air." BamBam says before exiting the room with a emotionally broken face. (YOUR POV) "Shouldn't you be going to work or at least to your own place." I say while fixing my work bag. "Nah, Manager said I should stay away from work until my feature fully healed just to avoid anyone seeing. I would go back to the dorms but I don't want to deal with HIM right now." Mark says while towel drying his hair. "Dude, I know we're like family but c'mon I still have a little girl wondering around." Shirtless Mark shuffles back into the bathroom and returns with a shirt on. "Better. Well, if you're not going to work watch Hyun-Ae. I'll see my two favorite people after work." I kiss Hyun-Ae head and Mark's cheek and walk out of the place. (MARK'S POV) Hyun-Ae and I came to the dorms just so that I can get some clean clothes and some different movies. "Mark, I'm hungry." Hyun-Ae rubs her tiny stomach as we enter the dorm. "MARK!" The guys run over to us; they look down at Hyun-Ae and wave at her. "Annyeong, Hyun-Ae!" They say synchronized. Hyun-Ae politely waves back and we walk further into the dorm. "What are you doing here?" Jackson was leaning on the door to our room. "I'm only picking up a few things." I say. "Don't worry I'll be out of your way in no time." "You're not staying?" The three youngest members say. "Hyun-Ae hang out with the members while I get my clothes and some movies for us, okay?" I walk over to the room that I share with Jackson and he moves out of the way before I get near him. I grab one of my gym bags and stuff clothes into it not really caring about being neat. I walk out of the room and into the living room where everyone was playing with Hyun-Ae. "Hyun-Ae," I turn around and see Jackson kneeling in front of Hyun-Ae, who's sitting on the couch. "I'm Jackson, I'm your father." Jackson chokes out. Hyun-Ae slides off slowly, "H-Hyu- Hyun-Ae," and walks over to me grabbing a hold of my shirt. "No, Mark is my appa." Hyun-Ae says quietly. I wanted to tell her that he was right but I didn't know what to say. Jackson looked so broken, but I didn't want to hurt Hyun-Ae because she wouldn't understand. "H-Hyun-Ae..." Jackson tries to come close to her but she just scoots closer to me. "Ahjussi, I'm hungry." Hyun-Ae pulls on my sleeve. I nod my head and stand up after getting a few movies. We say goodbye to the guys and make our way to the main door. Before we leave I stop Hyun-Ae, "Jackson, would you like to join us for lunch?" I ask him. He nods his head and goes to the room to change out of his pajamas. "We'll be waiting outside." Hyun-Ae and I leave the dorm and go wait downstairs. (JACKSON'S POV) When I finally arrive to meet up with Mark and Hyun-Ae, Mark is just getting off the phone. "Hey is everything okay?" I ask when I approach them. "Hey, I just got called in to talk to Manager so you and Hyun-Ae go have lunch and I'll catch up with you later." Mark says handing me Hyun-Ae's day bag. "Abba~ why can't I go with you?" Hyun-Ae whines. "You can't, Hyun-Ae, I'm sorry; but Jackson will take good care of you, I promise. I won't be long, okay?" Mark kisses her forehead. "Wait, what?! You're leaving me with her?" I don't know what to think right now. "Hey you wanted to be there for her right; now's your chance. You have four years to catch up on; I highly doubt you'll be bored." Mark says and leaves Hyun-Ae with me. " Hyun-Ae, what do you want to eat?" I kneel down to her height. She says nothing. "Hyun-Ae, what do you feel like eating?" I ask again. "I'm not hungry." She says and looks in a different direction. AISH! This girl well I know that she has her mother's attitude. "Ya, you were just telling 'abba' that you were hungry; now you're telling me that you're not hungry." I grab her little hand. "C'mon we're going to go get a bowl of noodles." I'm sorry that these are getting shorter guys but I just wanted to give you something for the day. I'll promise that tomorrows should be longer. LOVE YOU GUYS! @VeronicaArtino@amberg171997@LenaBlackRose@DreaG1518@reyestiny93@carinamarie14@SamanthaRamdath@JessicaEvaristo@TracyLynn@luna1171@sosoaloraine23@stacyneroland@ammagrande@herreravanessa9 JACKSON WANG PT 5:
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