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Hello Vinglers!

Another Day, Another Song! Let's Go~

Melissa by Porno Graffitti (Full Metal Alchemist)

To be honest, for me the most memorable song from FMA is Again by YUI (You can find it here). However, this "Melissa" is the most enjoyable. I love that classic J-Rock and the many memories. These guys have been in the anime/gaming scene since 1994, still rocking, and have countless songs throughout this industry.
This song and "Again" is what made FMA so enjoyable for me and one of the first times I liked an anime song this much and one of the reasons I got into anime music all together. That guitar solo just brings nostalgia and I really can't get enough of it. Unfortunately, we don't see many songs like this nowadays which is bummer but someday we will get them back.

Many people know about FMA but did you guys know about "Porno Graffiti" before this card?

Close your eyes and listen~

For those who want to be tagged or removed, let me know!

I remember it started out as No Score. Before the other members joined. I love Porno Graffiti. :D That was back in my high school days, ahaha. Good choice! :3
my favourite anime ever
WOO! :D & Happy thanksgiving!! EAT LIKE A KING!
@Danse Good days! They are still rocking tho~ @EmilianoMacias one of the best @Luci546 I want to but no thanksgiving in Korea T^T but you guys enjoy! Happy thanksgiving~ @Danse