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Sounds like^ Actually: Soyongdorichyeo Translation: It swirls Group/Song : Shinee/ Sherlock
Sounds like : sexy free and single am ready to pringle. ^ Actually : Sexy free and single am ready to bingo. Translation: None Group/Song : Super junior/ sexy free and single
Sounds like : ^ Actually :  Eohyuchakhan nae ttara Translation : Ah, my sweet daughter Group/Song : Red Velvet/ Happiness
Sounds like : ^ Actually : Mansae mansae mansae yeh! Translation : hurray hurray hurray yeh! Group/Song : Seveenteen/ Mansae
They may sound a little trippy, but if you hear the songs and look for those words while hearing them you will hear them! These were all I could think of for now, if you know some misheard kpop lyrics let me know in the comments. Hope you enjoyed. :)
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Bahhahha i hear soy un dorito every time now hahaha