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what do you think about luffy? how do u feel about him? how do you feel about this anime? do you think he will find gol D. roger treasure? do you think he will ever surpass shanks and be the strongest there is? tell me what you think i wanna read your opinion.
@uzumakijess i feel like luffy is capable of surpassing shanks one day and become pirate king and be the strongest and defeat the four emperors but for now he still has alot to learn and he is yet to become a match to shanks he has been able to control his haki a bit but he still has alot to learn and until then he cant beat shanks yet but hey he got this far might as well go all the way
Luffy will be pirate King! He will definitely surpass shanks and become the strongest of the four emperors after he defeats Teach. Then he can find the One Piece. (: