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Take a cute coffee cup and transform it into a chic candle that you can use to decorate your home or apartment. This DIY tutorial comes from the wonderfully creative people at Sweet Cayenne.


For this project, you will need:
-- Coffee mugs
-- Candle wax flakes (you can find these online)
-- Candle wicks (you can also find these online)
-- Pencils of chopsticks
-- Pot or saucepan
-- Glass bowl or smaller pot
-- Fragrance oil (optional if you want your candles scented)
-- Scotch tape
You can find a lot of these items at a craft store or online.

Heat up the wax

Place the wax flakes in the glass bowl. Then, place the glass bowl in a pot of water. Boil the water and make sure that all the wax has melted. If you want, add some fragrance oil to make scented candles. Be careful when melting the wax!

Prepare the candle wicks

While the wax flakes are melting, prepare the candle wicks in your coffee mugs. Take the candle wicks and put one in between two chopsticks or pencils. Then, use the scotch tape to tape the pencils or chopsticks together so that the candle wick will stay upright, as shown in the picture above.

Pour the wax into the cups

Once the wax has completely melted, pour the wax into the coffee mugs. Make sure that the wicks stay upright. Let the wax dry completely. Then, cut the wicks so that there is only a small part sticking out of the candles for the flame.

Light your coffee cup candles and enjoy!

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super adorable. it would be a perfect shower gift