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Which Naked Describes You?
We are less than 24 hours away from Thanksgiving. This also means that everyone's gears are primed and ready for some mania at the stores and online. With that said, if you're looking for that perfect gift for your girlfriend, your bridesmaids, your sister, it's all about Naked palettes by Urban Decay.
The trick, unless you plan on splurging on ALL OF THE NAKED palettes, is to discover which Naked your loved one is a fan of. If you're BFFs, then this should be easy! And by the way, which is your favorite that, when the day comes, will be buried with you six feet under?
Can anything beat the original Naked palette? Hmmm...You have to decide for yourself. This is the most sold urban decay product in the entire cosmetic line. Can 3 million units sold be wrong?! It's a good balance of matte and shimmers and a warm-to-cool color range.
The Naked Smoky palette is all about brown-gray metal finishes. It's a masculine palette that makes edgy, evening looks a snap.
For those into cool neutrals, this Naked 2 palette is totally your gig.
My sister calls this the Blanche set (from the Golden Girls), because of how pink and mauve it is. She's kidding, and I LOVE THIS! My favorite!
When in doubt, or for the gal who's never tried Urban Decay, this Naked Basics palette is only $29. It's a great starter set for anyone curious about the coverage and consistency of Urban Decay products. Keep in mind, however, that these are mattes and not iridescent.
None of these products have been rated less than 4.5 stars! Share your thoughts!
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Haha I gotta it's always breaking out on my but thank god I never got bad pimples just tiny ones haha but they get annoying. I just gotta learn makeup and then I can be a makeup pro lol.
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hey btw how do you clean makeup brushes. a friend of mine gave me hers so I want to clean them before I use them
2 years agoReply
happy Thanksgiving @deadlycyanide I hate breakouts just as much as you. lol I searched Vingle for makeup brush cleaning and found this awesome card:
2 years agoReply
Let me know if this works good for you. 馃槃馃槂馃榿
2 years agoReply
oh you meant that kind of naked whoops i dont know a lot about make up
2 years agoReply