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Invest in a good wool waistcoat. It's the perfect companion for your outfit in Spring, Autumn and Fall, not only to keep your warm with an extra layer but also boost up that dandy/chic factor.
Excellent, I think I shall add this to the list of things I need to buy for my guy.
@Goyo , for quality wool outfit, you only need to wash them once or twice a year. Usually, you would need to wash them by hand but if there's a "superwash" option for the clothes, it means they are machine-washable. Also use mild detergent and don't twist or squeeze the fabric, just gently massage it to get out the dirt and let it dry flat.
@thenewsguy yes, you're right! The last button of a waistcoat should always be unbuttoned. Plus, the guy in the picture should not also wear a belt when he's already wearing a waistcoat.
wool stuff always scared me off bc i wonder how difficult it really is to clean it
Shouldn't the last button on that waistcoat be unbuttoned?