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Solo Suga With an Album Sneak-Peak
Today we were blessed! We not only got an album preview, but we also were able to see an excited Suga! Today's live broadcast had only Suga, everyone else had been in pairs, showing fans around the world, the album preview!
He was so happy that he was all smiles, but he also had some contemplative moments when he was discussing the music. Both of which were lovely things to see.
He overcome with a sense of pride as his part came on, but he was also proud of the whole album! And as their fans, their army, don't forget we need to be extremely proud of them too, because they deserve it for their hard work!
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Oh my god, Suga's smile is going to send me to heaven. I watched it before I went to work and I just could not stop smiling xD
@MadAndrea it really is though! Like the music just hits your soul and to see his reaction it just makes it even better! Like its a boost for my soul. Haha
@Onenonlybovie I agree I like knowing a group loves the music they make and are not just in it for fame or something
@MadAndrea yes I totally agree, like just to see them feel the same way as us creates a better fan based connection.