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"If you hide from pain you'll never grow and in tern you'll be trapped in a pocket seperated by time as everyone moves forward without you"
my pain, has destroyed me completely. Hiding from the world isn't healthy
@Stevenb1990 Trust me I get it and my life story is a bit on the crazy side and not the good kind of crazy. It took me a long time to change my mentality which i was in when I hid from pain. I know joke about all the horrible things in my past and the things that exist today while I use my past and the knowledge I gained to help others through pain. Ever since I accepted pain into my life and as a part of me it's been a bit easier to handle and it hurts just a little less.
I have received both types of pain. I have shut myself away from people and locked away my emotions. I am literally just going through the motions. Somehow I have a really cool friend who does her absolute best to cheer me up and pull me out of this slump. I no longer follow my heart as some would say, it's all rational thinking and logical responses.
No Pain No Gain, pain is what helps people move forward in life pain sucks but it's helpful
I know, but years of constant pain.....suuuuuucccccks!!馃槱