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Somewhere in Santorini How I long to be here, just for once, to taste the Mediterranean wind again.
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I would go to santorini somedqy! :)
4 years ago·Reply
right? @YinofYang @dalcom1004 I've heard from people who visited the place that it's paradise on earth. I've always been suspicious of statement like that but for Santorini, I'll make an exception.
4 years ago·Reply
WEll, imagine abottle of wine with your lovers, look down far away in the ocean. And man, it just romantic and beautiful as it best !
4 years ago·Reply
@carlosdang @Tapsamai Indeed, my friends. Definitely heavenly. (^_^)
4 years ago·Reply
Ilove Santorini. <3
4 years ago·Reply