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Hello...Is it me you're...just kidding πŸ˜‚So for Day 25, I played every song on random to see which one would make me dance the most. It was tough but I singled it down to one with an honorable mention. Banga banga banga!
Bang Bang Bang-Big Bang I was NOT ready when I first watched this but every time it comes on, I get really hype but many songs get me dancing as well(Maybe I should make a post on my fave hype songs...) Should they have been nominated for Best Dance Performance? Uhhhh probably not πŸ˜… I'm saying that as a V.I.P! BTS deserved that spot! But let's not talk about them because they've been killing me slowly all week.😩 The honorable mention goes to...
Lucifer-SHINee I danced almost as hard for this song as I did for Bang Bang Bang. It's like that with most of SHINee's songs! Get ready for that turkey tomorrow! If you haven't started the countdown til the BTS comeback, you're both lucky and slipping! Get on it so we can cry and fangirl together😭 Until next post πŸ‘‹πŸΎ