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2 hours before November 26th 2015... in my country. Let me dedicate this card towards the one who just destroy my whole bias list into pieces and managed to skyrocketed to number 1. (This card is a little weighty, cause i have so much feelings towards this comeback, just hang on ♥)
Here's the beginning of my story... I'm not an ARMY from the beginning, then i got interested in them because I Need You caught my attention. But Dope was the one that made me become an ARMY, and i'm glad i did! I mean look at their dance!! How could i not?! And of course it was my jam for quite a while! Back to Jungkook!
I remember Jungkook because i made a fanfiction poster featuring him, Jimin and Jin. But i especially remember him because he is so good looking. So my first impression of him is just the good looking one in the group. Meaning, the visual. But i was wrong! BIG TIME!
Here's how he ruined everything... September 1st, i wasn't that deep into the fandom yet. I kept seeing "Jungkook is legal now" everywhere. So i thought, ah maybe he's 21 now... like legal drinking and stuff you know. But then i saw the that (the third pic), i was so confused.... He just turned 19 (korean age) and i thought he was 21?! I mean how is that face 18 years old?!?! (intl. age) He's born on September 1st, 1997..... WHICH IS EXACTLY 15 DAYS AFTER I WAS BORN!!!! I was so suprised but excited at the same time, from that point he definitely caught my whole attention, even until now he won't stop suprising me with his talents and abilities.

He's the golden maknae for a lot of reasons.

My first impression was wrong, he's more than just good looking! Here's my top reason, His voice, is the type of voice i like the most. No kidding! I'm so picky when it is about my music preference. But his voice is the best. He suprised me with his covers, cause he sang a lot of Zion.T's song which i love so much even before i heard his covers. Two Melodies, Yanghwa Bridge, SOFA..... Favorite Song + Favorite Voice = Deadly And oh! his rap voice sounds amazing! he raps well, dances well, even draws well... and so much more. What more could i ask for? I could list everything but it will take long.... My point is, he is as old as me and i couldn't help to compare his achievements and mine. Each of us has different lifes, but he has done so much and it drives me to work even harder. He's living with passion, and that is the only thing i ask for my future. I just want to live with passion, and enjoy what i do.
I am currently on the process of getting into college and it drained a lot of my energy. So much stuff to prepare, so much choices to choose, so much burden to bear. But listening to BTS songs and just seeing them, filled my energy back. They're working hard every day, tell us stories inside their lyrics, so much details in their music, daily tweets, vlogs, and they always give their best every single time. Not that i say other groups are not working as hard as them, but maybe because they're not much older than me, it makes me think "ah, if i work hard like them, i could live with such enjoyment and passion. Just hang in there, if they could do it, i could do it too."

I am an ARMY and, even though i'm not there from the beginning, i'm not leaving.

Ugh this card turned out so weighty..... this wasn't my intention but okay.... i just want to share what i thought. so here's some funny and sexy Jeon Jungkook and BTS to cheer up!


I am so excited! And their album preview IS SO GOOD! I LOVE ALL OF IT, it's gonna worth my money! I can't choose my favorite, and RUN was very unexpected! I never thought the song is that fast, it definitely made me excited. I mean how amazing their dance will be?!?!?! Yes my fellow ARMY, it won't take long... Even though this week is a hell (definitely for me, i have SAT in two weeks ㅠㅠㅠㅠ) but it's gonna be worth it! Don't you think so? It's already the 26th now, took me 2 hours to finish, but it's okay!


Credit these pictures and gif to the owner. All of them are not mine. Except the fanfiction poster, i made it. haha~ p.s special thanks to @kpopandkimchi who started this countdown and @OliviaBunny who took me into Vingle, such a great community!
I love this card so much! Kookie is such a talented guy who works SO hard to be where he is. He deserves all this love!!!
@kpopandkimchi aw thanks, that's what i'm saying, he's so amazing! ♥ and oh! you're the best i love all your cards haha ><