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Im always at school and it is literally like I am invisible. I swear my text books get knocked out of my hands everyday. Whenever I go to my locker I have mean notes like, " go back to where you came from freak." or " Emo's dont belong here because you people cut." And the sad thing is that there is only 3 emo's im my school and they are my friends and im the only one who people think are invisible.
@JackSkelington Yea but you've still got your life to live. We can't change the past but we can change the future
I would have taken her place anytime as long as she would still be here
@JackSkelington You still shouldn't blame yourself. People make mistakes and say things they don't mean all the time. unfortunately the outcome isn't always good but life still goes on. You don't know exactly what she was thinking at that time and holding onto that blame isn't very good. I'm sorry you lost someone like that
@JackSkelington We've all said bad things. That doesn't mean it was your fault. There were probably other things going on in her life that made her feel that way. You shouldn't blame yourself and even if some preppy airhead didn't remember her you do and that's what's important
You don't need crappy people like that in your life. Having a few good friends is better than having a bunch of fake ones.
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