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Why is Jellal not in Fairytail as much anymore?!?!
He's honestly one of if not my favorite character. Who else wants Jellal and Erza to be a couple???
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👐You think THIS should return? 🐣Mashimo should bring back evil ⚡⚡Laxus, and make him reign over the guild for a while. 💥💯Mystogan should join the Raijinshuu. ✊✊✊
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@Rockron97 what the heck do you mean by "this"? I hope you're joking.
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I'd like Erza and Jellal to be together
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@SeoInHan LOL. ✋By "this" I mean Jellal-slash-Mystogan(👄Now THERE'S a good joke!) Slash = /. 😁
a year ago·Reply
i do
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