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These pictures that have been giving me and ARMYS heart attacks since they were released. Just a few more days and our oppas are officially back!

Whooooo! Who isn't having heart attacks and butterflies?!

Full Tracklist RELEASED!

TA-DA! They're album preview is seriously killing me!

Just can't wait any longer!!!
Starting from I NEED U, to Prologue, to RUN!

Seriously.. When you're just too damn excited, you start doing the excited J-Hope dances!

And after everything..

I'm so ready!!
I say BTS has a lot of good music, but damn this album is going to be FANTASTIC really <3
this comeback is going to be the best out of all (I am not sorry despite being a starlight)
I'm so excited for the new album, but I'm not ready for the videos or the feels
I'm not ready