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So yesterday we choose our "keys' but this key doesnt reveal who your Big Bang true love is but it does draw you both closer.... Its time to know see who's heart has been put under lock and key (If you didnt do part one yet then stop and click >Here< to join the fun)

KEY 1:

You've found Seungri's key!! You meet Seungri at the park the same place where you guys first met. You were excited to see him again after him having been on such a long tour. As you approach the park you see a man in a long brown autumn coat and with his hair down alomst perfectly except for that one curl that had fallen out. Upon closer inspection you see that it is Seungri you run and hug him. But the hug feels cold and almost lonely. After a few moments he gently pushes you away and says "Im sorry [Y/N] but lets not fall in love"

KEY 2:

You've found G-Dragon's Key!! You're at his home sitting on the couch close to the fire after your mini snowball fight you had just had with him outside. Jiyong walk into the the room with to large cups fulled with hot choclate that he had prepared himself. He hands you one and you take a sip before placing it on the coffee table. He sees that your still shivering from the cold and brings out a small blanket for you to cover yourself in. You pass him some of the blanket for him to keep warm aswell but he refuses. "Please dont" he says You question him and he replies "Lets not be like this anymore, lets not fall in love"

KEY 3:

You've found Daesung's Key!! You had just finished worked and begin your walk home. A black car begins to drive by and you here someone shout your name. It's Daesung! "[Y/N]" he calls "come over i'll give you a ride home". You get in the car and Daesung begins to drive off the car is silent and the air grows with tension. "hey Dae" you say. He looks and you and then fixes his eyes back on the road. Your heart is hit with pain. "If you weren't going to speak to me then why'd you even pick me up!" Daesung stops the care and takes your face and softly kisses you. You're in shock "Daesung-". He cuts you cut "[Y/N] ...I..I cant do this anymore. Lets stop seeing each other, okay...Let's not fall in love"

KEY 4:

You've found TOP's key!! TOP and you had plans to go to the fair for the past few weeks now, and the day has finally arrived. You go to the designated where he had told you to be- the Ferris wheel. "Hey" you here a deep cooing voice behind you. You turn around and its TOP. "Are you ready to go?" he ask before taking your hand and boarding on to the Ferris wheel. The machine brings you both around once and then twice before stopping. You both are stuck at the top of the wheel. You begin to shiver and TOP let's out a breath before taking off his coat and handing it to you. Your shocked by his sweet gesture and begin to move closer to him so you can both maintain body heat. TOP moves as far away from you as the cart would allow. You try to move closer but TOP stops you. "[Y/N]...i'm sorry but let's not fall in love"

KEY 5:

You've found Taeyang's Key!! Your at the ice skating ring and Taeyang left you and has been gone for a while now. When he arrives you see him holding a large bear with balloons. You go to him and he tells you to follow him. He leads you to the cafe located near by. He pulls out your chair for you before taking his seat. A moment passes and Taeyangs smile begins to fade before he hands you the bear. You hug the bear tightly and tell him that you love it. He laughs to himself because he knew you'd like it you had always been a child at heart. The waitress comes with the coffee he had pre-ordered for the both of you. She places the tray down on your table and leaves. You go to grab your coffee cup and see a pink envelope underneath it. You stop and go to pick it up. Taeyangs face turns to sorrow. You open the letter and its reads the words "Im sorry..." your face falls. Taeyang takes the letter from you crumbles it and throws it to the floor. He hugs you before whispering in your ear "Im really sorry" and runs out of the shop. You're left confused and pick the letter off of the floor. It reads "Im sorry [Y/N] but lets not see each other anymore. Im afraid....Please, Lets not fall in love"
Is your bias still in the game? If their not don't worry find out who the one is for you...Keep playing because one of these Big Bang members were destined FOR YOU!! [I'll update this game soon to you can find out who your Big Bang Soul Mate is quickly] i dont wanna keep you guys waiting forever lol Follow my Let Not Fall In Love Collection to get updates on the game :)
daesung dumped me 😢...i hope i still have a chance
I got Taeyung but my bias is still in the race
Dude every time! Another amusement park/fair one lol I must love fairs more than I know
But taeyang 😭😭😭😭
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