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Since the beginning of time, man has always done everything in his power to "woo" or impress women.
According to Cornell, the eating habits of guys while out on a date are also (in the eyes of men) a pivotal issue when out grubbing with a potential spouse. In regards to the popular meal selected by men when attempting to impress a girl, guys go with pizza, and according to Cornell, we eat A LOT of it.
To quote the study:
Men appear to eat larger quantities of both unhealthy (pizza) and healthy (salad) food when in the company of women. More specifically, men eating with women ate 93% more pizza (1.44 more slices) and 86% more salad…[I]t is also plausible that the masculinity that men can demonstrate through conspicuous eating might function as a mechanism for men to enhance how attractive they are perceived by women.
While many may struggle on figuring out why guys land on pizza as the binge food of choice on a date, the answer is simple: it's cheap. In most areas, you can grab a slice for 1-2 dollars. So if you want to pig out while on your date, it will cost you no more than 10 bucks.
Ladies, have you ever seen a guy eat an abnormal amount of food on the first date? Is so, what was his meal of choice?
could you explain it?i don't understand
if you know if we are not the other than a few minutes
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