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I have a Facebook, snapchat, instagram and still I don't get as many notifications from any of those except from vingle
that's the sad life of us anime lovers that's why I want to move somewhere else where they are everywhere that are just work for an anime convention and travel with them or something
@YurushiNoYami I know how that is my anime friends moved away from me so I'm kinda of just there trying to get others into anime
@armijo4life sadly it's impossible to get others around me into anime....... All they ever want to do is smoke pot 24/7, Drink at bars, party, or look for one night stands....... and the conversations are always who they screwed, what they drank, how much money they make, or the recent sports game.....
@armijo4life But I think the reason it bothers me at all is because I have no anime fans living around me and nothing in common with the people around me....
I don't get many except on rare days of posting Photos on instagram.... That's about it
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