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We all know about my precious baby, Hansol from Topp Dogg. Well Recently they came out with a tv show (TOPP DOGG PROJECT) That basically shows all their shenanigans and stuff like that. Well on one of their episodes Hansol was assigned a mission; take a picture with a female stranger. He tried to accomplish the mission on his own, but his anxiety got the best of him.
Honestly watching this made me want to cry. Seeing him have anxiety hit home. ;-; It makes me feel so sad because he has been through so much these past few months so seeing him break down so easily and in front of camera made my heart ache HANSOL STAY STRONG! HWAITING!
But with the help of His Members he was able to get the job done! But honestly it breaks my heart. Jesus Christ I'm dying inside!
this was really heartbreaking. I probably would have done the same thing as I too have anxiety problems. but to see the cutest person in the world cry. that really hurt me, especially hearing his cry β™‘ I'm glad his members were so caring and came to the rescue. it's okay hansol-ssi! we love you! hwaiting ~
OMG I feel like crying ;--; I feel so bad for him! He looks totally freaked out ugh! I kinda wish they hadn't assigned him that mission if they knew he is nervous with strangers 😭😭😭😭😭 poor thing! I WAANA hug him so bad
I feel him on a personal level. If I was given a mission like that I wouldn't have gotten that far.
Awww I just want to keep him
I cried. believe me. if you do decide to watch it, it's the second half of topp dogg project episode 2. I can't believe no girl wanted to take a picture with him. I'd gladly take 2000000000000+ pictures with him. he is the cutest thing ever. like cmon. β™‘ @atomshair
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