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Guess what?! You are #WORTHIT! What ever drama, hangups, doubts or negativity that keeps cropping up regarding your wedding, let me say this: YOU ARE WORTH IT. Small wedding. Big wedding. Custom. Off-the-rack. Fresh. Faux. Indoors. Outdoors. Honestly, it just doesn't matter about all that. This is your day. Enjoy it. Love it. Embrace it. Splurge a bit if you want to. Withhold sending that invite if you're just not feeling them. Just don't second-guess yourself or your worth!
I threw this collage together with the hashtag, #worthit, because dammit, you are! I included a stunning buttery white trumpet style organza Vera Wang gown. With it is this drop-dead-gorgeous statement necklace that's going to give this look some glitter and light. It's from Elena Designs. And the engagement ring, you ask? Well, that's a RAF Jewels exclusive: 1940s Rene Boivin Emerald Diamond Ring. Priced upon request only.
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