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Let me just say Jungkook is a fighter I mean recently Yoongi had his eye on the place of ultimate bias, and he's really been making things challenging. But Kookie still remains the undefeated champion, because of the little things he does. Kookie has the most beautiful smile in the whole world and I think he is so sweet and caring. He proves that you can still be adorable and have also have a super sexy side. I don't understand Korean and yet when he sings I understand perfectly. His voice is so beautiful. Kookie also seems to me to be the type of guy that thinks a lot about everything which adds to his character. I could go on and on and on and on. But anyway I love you Kookie! Keep being my ultimate bias, 화이팅!!!
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LMAO i'm in the same boat with Suga vs Jungkook but Suga definitely stole the spot in my heart!
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