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Hey guys sup this is kalyan how many of you guy's love anime couples well i do i just love them. so every day onwards i will be sharing or publishing anime couples pics and you could tell me which couple of any charecters you want in the comments section below until then next time guy's see ya! SO WHAT ARE THE BEST 5 COUPLES YOU THINK.
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Shirayuki and Zen, Hinata and Naruto, Ririchiyo and miketsukami, Miyazawa and Arima, and the last one is from a manga but Misao and Kyo
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maka and soul sebastian and Grell Claude and Hannah black star and tsubaki Mikasa and armin ichigo and rukia Yukki and zero oops that was more than five I lost count oopsies
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but they would all be great couples
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oh and of course... kirito and asuna how could I have forgotten
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