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Lindsay Lohan was photographed under a DJ's table in a club in Brazil. There are tons of alcohol on the table. According to Hugo Gloss, "LiLo sat on the floor in ... broken glass, and left the party with her ​​thighs bleeding." No hope for this girl, seriously!!
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tss. poor fella.
5 years ago·Reply
she needs other way
5 years ago·Reply
maybe she shouldnt get drunk only sad ppl n pyscho's drink srsly us humans re such idiots we drink alcohol n smoke even when we know that they have no benefits in them like a proper speechless i mean WHYYYYYY???
4 years ago·Reply
@thana15 some people drink for fun and to relieve stress and all.. but some get out of control and just get totally wasted.. it all falls apart from there
4 years ago·Reply
with Lindsay lohan, everything seems excessive
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