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I hold these men responsible for my Spotify being cluttered with music I barely understand, my YouTube history having countless Korean variety shows and interviews, and for my awkward explanations of the gibberish that I'm trying to rap along to.
I remember in 2010 when I was deeply into Ke$ha I was listening to one of her songs called run devil run and I noticed on my YouTube recommended videos there was another video titled run devil run but it was sung by a group called Girls Generation. So my curiosity got the best of me and I clicked on the video. I thought "what the hell is this" then went back to my easy to understand English music. I think about two years later a video randomly popped up on my YouTube recommended titled Knockout by GD&TOP. It had that same Korean lettering that the girls generation video had and the thumbnail looked interesting so I went ahead and clicked, and after contributing about 20 more views to that video in one day I knew that I was hooked.
At first I thought GD and TOP were a brother rap group, and I thought GD was Filipino(lol). I was completely lost on what kpop was I had no idea how big of a following it had and I was oblivious to this whole other world of pop culture. But it wasn't long before I was already watching BIGBANG parodies of kdramas, listening to Turn it Up by TOP, V.V.I.P and What can I Do by Seungri and slowly introducing myself to other groups like 2NE1 and Super Junior.
My friend's though I was crazy for liking music that I don't even understand and for having a crush on men that "look like girls", but whatever more for me. Then of course my best friend was willing to give kpop a try and she said she liked my ultimate Bias TOP and I'm just like...
But it is now 2015, nearly 2016 and I am the deepest into kpop that I've ever been.
The entirety of my youtube existence is dedicated to Korea. I've downloaded several language learning apps and am slowly but surely understand Korean. My Instagram is just endless scrolling of idols and I even have this Vingle kpop app.
(lol, look at B.I. in the corner like "oh my hyungs")I've bonded with so many people over the years just because we have this one thing in common that the rest of America is only partially familiar with thanks to Gangnam Style. I've laughed, I've cried, I've screamed, I've fan girled, and I've definitely lost sleep all for my love and enjoyment of Korea and kpop. And I blame Big Bang because they are my ultimate Bias group, they were the beginning of my kfan upbringing and I'm seriously so thankful that I had this group to guide me through. They are truly a powerhouse of a group, each member has more talent than the role their assigned (i.e. TOP is an incredible actor and rapper, Taeyang is not only the visual but a fucking amazing dancer, they're perfect we get it) and the fact that their contracts with YG end next year and they will be serving their military time for roughly the next two years after that just leaves me feeling.....
...... but all hope isn't lost because they will more than likely come back and continue to make bomb ass music and two years is plenty of time for me to study my Korean and be fluent by the time they come back.
So I wish G Dragon, TOP, Daesung, Seungri, and Young Bae the best of luck, good health, and I'll see you in 2018. LOVE YOU OPPAS let me know what group started it all for you, who's your ultimate Bias, how you feel about big bangs contact ending, just whatever you want to say in the comments below ^-^
This story is so awesome - I'm sort of similar...a youtube recommended video brought me to tvxq and i've been hooked ever since. so happy i clicked it!!!!
I started when I was a young kid with H.O.T. (zillion yrs ago) and got off the wagon.. but Big Bang rescue me and I am all alive now! :)
I know how you feel. BIGBANG is the group that started it all for me. ever since Fantastic Baby and Bad Boy I've been hooked on KPop and it's even saved my life a few times. They(BB and the others) are the reason I'm learning Korean and am still holding on. I'm gonna miss them while they are gone but I know they will be back and be better than ever.
I started with BigBang just this summer, sometime around Mid May.. But BTS got me hooked a month after... And i have watched about EVERYTHING there is to be about BTS.. And they are talented as well.. I have given other kpop groups a chance as well thanks to them..
They renewed their YG contracts earlier this month. As for their military service, they are not slated to all go at the same time. TOP in 2016, GD&YB in 2017, Daesung in 2018 and Seungri in 2019. They won't be together again as a complete unit until 2021. 馃槶 We will get solos and sub units though.