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Ever wonder how professional chef cook like the most beautiful meals in such a short time?
Well, just like with any profession, they develop their own tricks and tools to make things more efficient.
With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I thought it would be handy to highlight some of these tricks. Professional Chef responses courtesy of Quora.

Quality ingredients trump everything

The pros can really taste when the raw stuff is bad, but so can the amateurs. So get the good stuff.

Taste as much as possible

Even just tasting the raw ingredients. (the edible ones) No serious, taste the dish like 10 times, the more you taste the more you can improve the flavor.

Seasoning = Flavor

Don't be afraid of adding extra spices. Extra salt. Extra sugar. Or even extra fat. Cooking is an experiment, and chefs know the importance of a well-flavored meal.

Clean as you go

Chefs suggest that a clean station means a clean mind. So as you are waiting for the turkey, wash a pan or two. It'll help with your cooking flow! (this is my favorite tip! I love a clean kitchen!)
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He cooks a little but this is his first time making turkey. lol you should have seen him when he was showing me the stuffing he bought. neither of us eats it but he says he likes the way the bird tastes after it's been stuffed. smdh
Hahahahaha does it taste better because of stuff or does the stuffing taste better because of the turkey? @AshelyJewell
turkey tastes better bc of the stuffing. I cannot stand the stuff.
Aww man but it's so good. That and pie is my favorite part @AshelyJewell