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HAPPY KOOKIE DAY! Since Jungkook is my bias, I have to put in a little bit more content 😉 The reason that he's my bias is because of a few reasons, one of them you see up above is that he's pretty hilarious in my opinion XD

1. He's effing adorable, I'm serious XD ( he is the maknae so ) ☺️

2. He can also be very umm, mature 😅 and I don't have any complaints on that. Little Kookie is growing up after all 😁

Overall Jungkook is my bias because he is very cute and hilarious, although he is not the biggest talker in the group, he has a very diverse personality and I respect and love him for that. NOW, ONTO JIMIN! ❤️❤️

@kpopandkimchi Well he IS the golden maknae so he can do anything 😂😂
How can he be soo squishy and so sexy at the same time?!!?!?!?
@ElizabethT IKR 😭 it's unbearable
Nyahahaha! Stop being so CUTE!!!!! 😍
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