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We all remember Charlie Brown, the kid with a dog thats out of this world, tons of crazy friends, and the kid who can't kick a foot ball to save his life. And while those comics (and movies) are 100% apart of our childhood, there are some seriously amazing (and slightly cynical), quotes that we totally missed as youngins.
Dark maybe, but we can all relate to this on some level. We wait for the other shoe to drop or make problems where there shouldn't be. Charlie Brown tired to warn us, but we kids just didn't get it in time.
Ahhhhhh out of the mouths of babes. While peanut butter might not be everyones favorite snack (I call those people monsters), unrequited love really does leave a bitter taste in your mouth. But hey, its practically a right of passage, so bully though and love with taste that much sweeter.
Wow, this one really blew my socks off. Its funny that in this crazy time of terror and violence, you would think everyone would just want peace. But where there is peace, there will always be someone trying to destroy it.
This. Is. The. Biggest. Truth. Bomb.
It really doesn't matter if you have a million friends or 3, because a true friend is someone who you cry in front of, who knows when you are upset, you can tell your feelings by the tone of your voice. Friends who only care when you are happy are pretty useless.
Love was never described as easy but it is always described as a roller coster, the greatest pain anyone could ever feel, worth it. But piano players are sensitive, so I'm not surprised Charlie Brown went to him for love advice.
Snoopy: wise, funny, and brave. Definitely someone you would just take his word for.
SNOOPY'S QUOTE FTW. God, I grew up obsessed with Peanuts, and with good reason.
These are soooo good! I love that quote about friends. Man, is it true or what?!
Loved that last quote from Snoopy! ♡♡ ^^
Love Snoopy quote, so true. Although some will tell you are wrong
@lizarnone I can't believe there are peanut butter hating monsters out there either. Charlie Brown your wisdom rocks me.