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I've been seeing a lot of post about everyone's #1 songs,so pick six songs and use them to describe your life up to now. I know It's so easy. I'll go first
when I was in high school even now I feel less than perfect....No one wants a big girl
feeling lost and betrayed, all ways fall in over and over like a failure. I felt that then....
this guy said give me just one day and that day turned into 3years
im happy to say that I'm madly in love with this guy and kpop which he finds strange and confusing ,buy loves me cause it's me
it taught me to love and respect myself
So I can proudly say forget You to all my haters
give it a try@kpopandkimchi @passthesuga @EliseB @AlittleJoy
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Hell yeah to the last song! BYE HATERS!!!!