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Can someone suggest to me any new anime, Comment below pls thanks;)
@Nikolassatterwh I seen Naruto and shippuden A certain magical index nagi-asu a lull in the sea absolute duo asethectica of a rogue hero so your enishi and other part akame ga kill assassination classroom attack on titan B gata h k blood + blue exorcist boys over flowers Clannad both parts date a live dead man wonderland diabolik lovers all dragonballz durarara all of them Eden of the east ef. tale of memories and melodies elfen lied fairly tail all if the Fates freezing full metal alchemists fruit basket fushgi. yuugi Gangsta SAO gravitation and so much more
arslan senki afro samurai another arcana familia air gear baki the grappler basilisk black bullet black lagoon blade and soul blood lad btoom claymore danMachi Deadman Wonderland legend of the legendary heroes fairy tail freezing gangsta Gantz God eater guilty crown high school dxd high school of the dead hitsugi no chaika infinite stratos k kill la kill kaze no stigma kekkia sensen machine doll wa kizutsukanai maken ki noragami overlord one punch man owari no seraph psycho pass punchline soul eater Tokyo esp triage x trinity seven I've seen so many more but I hope this list helps yu out at least a little
@hiinata2dope good to see people giving great reccomendations these days instead of just fairytail naruto and snk
I havent seen Rurouni Kenshin neither @YurushiNoYami, I know I snoozed! But seriously, do you want a quick good story, or a long good story?
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