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Hey guys!
I was just thinking about how awesome Natsu and Gajeels duel dragon slayer powers are and was thinking that Wendy should get one of her own. After all she's the last one of the first generation dragon slayers to not get one.
So I was thinking Cobra's poison magic would be perfect to take! She's had to cure poison before so it stands to reason that if she ate it she'd be able to counteract it's effects and use it for herself. Think how awesome that would be! The Sky Poison Dragon Slayer sounds badass to me!
Tell me what you guys think down in the comments below. Have a great day! Ja ne
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i like that too cause wendy cures all ailments but then destroys you with ailments, but the white and sky just has a more promising feeling to it
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what about white sky dragon slayer
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@JrGrimes others already posting on it bro xD look 2 above your own post
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Sounds awesome as hell!!
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That would be so epic!!!!!
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