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Hey guys!
I was just thinking about how awesome Natsu and Gajeels duel dragon slayer powers are and was thinking that Wendy should get one of her own. After all she's the last one of the first generation dragon slayers to not get one.
So I was thinking Cobra's poison magic would be perfect to take! She's had to cure poison before so it stands to reason that if she ate it she'd be able to counteract it's effects and use it for herself. Think how awesome that would be! The Sky Poison Dragon Slayer sounds badass to me!
Tell me what you guys think down in the comments below. Have a great day! Ja ne
You dont know how bad I wanted to see this happen during the fighting with the dragons in the magic games arc and even now I want to still see this happen, but I dont think they will ever give her another power even though they should. The poison sky dragon slayer Wendy Marvel. Its got a nice ring to it.
@Straightshooter as does "the skys white dragon slayer" or "the white sky dragon slayer" but we can only hope that Wendy eventually gets her power up
@desireesowah143 I kinda agree because I made a post about how slayer magic seems to work and as badass as Sky Poison would be I think Holy Sky Dragon Slayer would fit her better in terms of combat since she's more of a pacifist support then a front line fighter personality wise. Plus as we've seen with Natsu and Gajeel that personality strengthens certain types of slayer magic like how when Natsu's pissed his fire burns hotter.
That would be so epic!!!!!
@Thatperson512 you'd think that but it wouldn't fit her personality which can be explained when you look at cobras personality. She could use that Light for speed, Speed buffs, Damage Buffs, Shielding, ect and it also fits her personality. Like i said it would be awesome but it just wouldn't fit who she is since she obviously doesn't enjoy fighting or hurting others.
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